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107. Donna Noble Appreciation Week
Day one: the moment you fell in love with Donna

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F a l l e n
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- I’m not a hero. 

Well, neither am I. But if we both keep pretending to be… Ha-ha! ..perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories. And may those stories never end.

Oct 20 17:27 ( 1180 )


hi, welcome to THE FOURTH ROUND of  our doctor who graphic battle! :) EVERYONE can enter this! :) 

  • follow the blog for the battle
  • maybe follow us Cherie (spacevortex) and Marit (amyskhaleesi) would be cool
  • fill out this survey (if you did it in a previous round you don’t have to do it again ;P) 
  • Reblogs only
  • only like for bookmarking (likes are no entries) 
  • reblog until 31 October 2014 
  • the graphic has to be uploaded before 30 november :) 
  • you have to make graphics/dw graphics
Explanation/ how do we choose the winners:
  • we will probably accept everyone who enters 
  • we will message you when you get accepted
  • you will get matched with another graphic maker :)  
  • every match gets some kind of topic or theme 
  • more information can be found here 
  • you can track the tag #dwgraphicbattle and #dwbattleupdates
  • The battle is for fun :) (so no winners) 

If you are curious for the graphics from the previous rounds you can also check that on the battle blog :) 

Oct 20 17:02 ( 13 )


AS: “Oh My God. Did you make this?!”
Me: “Yes, I did”
AS: “Wow. Ok, what’s your name?”
Me: “Wieke”
AS: “What? how do you spell it?”
Me: “W-I-E-K-E”
AS: “What do you study? Do you study art?”
Me: “No, film actually. Art is just a hobby” 

(Something like that:) and it was one of the best things in my life!)

Andrew Scott on Gent Film Fest, 19 oct 2014

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Oct 20 13:06 ( 619 )

Submission for thegreatduelling

Oct 20 10:55 ( 20934 )


favorite characters — amy pond

Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness. You’ve lost someone I think.

Oct 20 8:44 ( 353 )

"I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore."

Oct 20 6:33 ( 432 )

"… before they flare and fade forever"

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